Tuesday, June 22, 2010

In and Out #1!!

IN :)

Mac Face and Body Foundation

This is definitely one of my summer staples and dare i say THE perfect summer foundation. I overlooked this lil miracle on many occasions as the consistency is extremely watery. Applied with a stipple brush this foundation creates the most perfect light dewy airbrushed finish. Team with lashings of mascara , cream blush and a tinted balm for an easy, pretty 'lit from within' look!


Theres just something about summer that makes even the most mundane boring routine that bit more bearable. Sunshine, clear skies, catching up with old friends, festivals, holidays, beer gardens, bbqs..... definitely my favourite season :)

OUT :(


As most of Ireland soaks up every last drop of sun this week, yours truly is stuck indoors with a nasty case of tonsillitis :( My second time contracting the nasty bugger, i now know what to expect ; an entire week of wallowing in self pity as I constantly update family and friends on my increasing levels of boredom!!

Job Searching

After many cuts from my work and even more rumours, it was finally announced that me and my fellow co-workers will indefinitely be made redundant on the 16th of next month. Me and my friend Laura decided to bite the bullet and traipse into town to distribute our new and improved cvs with little success. A very disheartening experience to say the least. Hopefully things will pick up soon but until then I will have a great time spending redundancy money and going on courses, improving my skills for future employers and meeting new people. Everything happens for a reason ........ apparently!! ;)

What have you been loving and loathing lately?!!

Have a great day :)



Kat O said...

Hey! I just found your blog through some links...am following! I also have a blog about beauty, if you're interested it's: www.clickandmake-up.blogspot.com

Looking forward to more of your posts =)
Kat x

allthatglitt3rs said...

hiya :)

thanks for following :) its really just getting started so i hope 2 have it looking presentable soon!! i looked at your blog and followed right away, very impressive :) xx

Angel Armogida said...

Hey, just stumbled across your blog. I love it! I'm following you.

Angel x
High Heels & Lipgloss

Cinderella said...

Hey, what colour are you in MAC Face and Body? I also am NC30 in Studio Fix Fluid. I have Face and Body in N3, but I am curious what colour you are. Thanks.

allthatglitt3rs said...

@cinderella heya i wear c3 in the face and body i believe. i love it!! how are you finding it?!! xx

Cinderella said...

I like it a lot, but I think I should have C3 instead of N3. I trusted the MUA, but the foundation is too pink for me :(

allthatglitt3rs said...

oh no :( you should try swap the foundation on makeupalley?! if you are a true nc30 you should definitely go for the c range as thats more yellow based :)xx

Cinderella said...

Thanks for your advice. I am a little hesitant. I have never swapped before. I might give it to my sister.

popglitter17 said...

I really want the mac body and face foundation but its too expensive atm :(

just started following :)