Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Todays NOTD is the latest addition to my ever expanding nail paint collection; Barry Ms new limited edition polish. Nail Paints have to be my favourite nail polishes as they are long lasting, vibrant and great value for money.This latest shade is a particular favourite of mine; a lovely warm pinkish purple thats super flattering on the nails. This lovely purple hue was free when i purchased two products from the range :)

What goodies did i purchase to aquire this lovely freebie? One of the new lipglosses (lp11) and fine glitter dust in shade 20. The lipgloss is a lovely coral colour, good colour pay off, non sticky and sweetly scented ( i'm also lemming the new strawberry milkshake shade!! ). The glitter dust ; a strong deep blue is a bit daring for my personal taste but is a welcome addition to my kit.

Some very impressive purchases from Mr M ;)

Get your hands on this limited edition lovely for €6.50 or free (like I did) when you spend €10 on Barry M products in Boots :)

What are some of your favourite nail paint shade(s)?!!

Darina xx

Monday, August 27, 2012

The colour purple

From nail polishes to eyeshadow, accessories to gadgets there is one hue i choose. Lately ive been obsessed with all things adorned in this autumnal shade. Plum, Berry, vivid purple ; i favour all tones . Purple exudes confidence elegance and luxury. Set to become a massive trend this autumn /winter the sensual shade will literally be seen everywhere... much to my satisfaction!  My mission to find the ultimate lipstick in the colour is well underway. I am even contemplating purple hair!!
Are you a fellow purple fan??

      Suggestions on the perfect purple toned lipstick are greatly  appreciated :-)
 Darina xx