Saturday, June 9, 2012

Empty Addiction

On the highest shelf in the darkest corner of my bedroom lurks a cardboard box. Overflowing with empty bottles, yars and containers; this mountain of emptiness signifies six long months of dedicated product use. The 1st of  this month did not just mark my 23rd birthday ( the less said about that the better!!) but also six months since i undertook the task of tackling my terrifying collection trying to make a dent into the masses of make-up i have consumed over the past few years.

Youtube, blogs and glossy magazine addictions are penned as the main culprits in feeding my cometic addiction. Every few weeks there seemed to be a new buzz product, a new collection released or simply a new recommendation. If my favourites from the online beauty community liked it, i had to have it and pretty soon i was left with quite a substancial minimally used stash. I would start one product and go onto the next without finishing the last.

In 2012 i took my habbit by the horns and put myself on a buying ban in a bid to clear half or minimally used items in an effort to downsize my vast collection.

Lets unleash this monster....

Fake tan, foundation, mascara and hair treatments seem to be the trend among the chaos. Signifying my search for the perfect tan flawless skin big lashes and frizz free hair.

Among the madness there is only six products that made the grade when deciding on what or if i would repurchase.

 Clarins Body Shaping Cream- a sillouette shaping cream that actually delivers
.Fakebake Flawless Tan: Dark yet natural doesnt leave you looking tangoed.
Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer: Concealing yet illuminating hides all traces of a late night the morning after.
 Mac Long Wear Creme Lipstick in overtime: the perfect everyday pink.
Mac Studio Fix Fluid in NC35: good skin in a bottle
Lancome Hynose Drama Mascara: dramatic lashes without the glue.

The box has now been emptied in a bid to hopefully make way for just as many if not more empty products. My dream whittling my essentials to a single makeup bag is still a distant possibility but hopefully in another six months I'll be that bit closer!

Is your makeup collection also out of control?

 Have you ever undergone a similar project?

Have u used any of the products mentioned?

Id love to hear your thoughts :-)

Darina xx

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