Thursday, August 26, 2010

Size Matters ;)

Before my teens my hair was extremely long, thick and healthy. My massive mane had even the most competent hairdresser quaking in their ballet pumps. It took two pairs of skilled hands and a professional blowdryer to style my lengthy locks.    

My thirteenth birthday began my terrible teens and some terrible hair experimentation!! The length was chopped,tonnes of ill-advised layers were added not to mention a diy fringe, Victoria Beckham 'Pob' and some hot pink slices. The end result was something Rod Stewart would fashion. But hey hair grows!!

Now that I've turned 21, I've learnt sometimes simple is best. I've found my comfort zone with my side fringe and long layers, keeping the darkness. It may be boring and safe but its my hair!!

After years of abusing hair colour and heat appliances, my hair has been left very weak and thin,especially through the ends. The above picture really highlights the damage. Being a fan of big hair I was not a happy camper.

While i search for a miracle product that will restore my thirsty damaged hair to its former glory, I've found a short term solution in clip in hair extensions. They discuse my thin ends and add some much needed volume and glamour.

I bought two strands of the 18 inch clip ins in shade 1 from hairspray on Wicklow Street for a special price of €60. I'm in love with them!!

What do you think of hair extensions???
Has any product worked wonders for your hair???

Darina xx


BexStar said...

I wear extensions just to thicken my hair out, I cut them myself to the same length of my hair and they look so natural. They're fab and no one knows any different! x

allthatglitt3rs said...

hi bexstar :) i use them for the same reason, just to thicken out my ends,people dont realise im wearing them till i say it myself!!! love them!! xx

Anonymous said...

yep me to, my hair really long but thin at the ends so i use them to make it thicker.

btw hi i am a new follower *wave*

Vyile said...

Hi, I just checked out your blog and I really love it! You are very pretty! Keep up with the awesome posts :)

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thanks =)

Liasbubblebath said...

your hair loooks gorgeous!

Stacey said...

i love your hair and your blog! i've never used extensions but i've always wondered what they would look like on me!